Millionaire Genie Makes One More Millionaire on New Year’s Eve

Ending the year with massive amounts of cash in your pockets is a sign that you will start the next on a positive note. Well, at least this is what superstition claims – and a lucky player at the 888 Casino will find out if it’s true or not. This because the 888 exclusive Millionaire Genie video slot machine has made one player very happy at the end of the year, paying out a massive $2,746,051 jackpot on December 31st.

Millionaire Genie is a three reel slot machine with just one win line, resembling a classic slot machine you might see in Las Vegas. Its reels are filled with classic slot symbols – BAR, diamonds, cash bags and their kind – plus the Genie, the bearer of massive wins. Players can wager one, two or three credits for each spin, and see their payouts double or triple respectively. On the bottom of the screen players will find the game itself, with the usual buttons and the play area, while on the top half the winning combinations (and their respective payouts) are shown aside from a grinning Genie surrounded by unimaginable riches.

To win the jackpot, players need to wager three credits, and get three Genie symbols on the game’s single win line. For one or two credits, the Genie symbol pays out smaller – but still considerable – amounts: 75,000 or 150,000 credits, respectively. With a wager of $1 per coin, even these payouts are quite attractive.

Whenever the Genie symbol lands on the rightmost reel of the game, a bonus round is triggered. The player is rewarded with a scratch card, with each of the 9 circles hiding a cash reward. The player can scratch three circles and win the total of the amounts revealed. If all three values are equal, the player gets another scratch card – and it can go on forever.

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