King Stones, a Minimalistic Video Slot by Relax Gaming

If you are a slightest bit into design – or you are navigating the web with your eyes open – you have surely seen the latest trend: flat. Websites, smartphone interfaces and basically everything else is getting simpler, flatter and more minimalistic. The same goes for King Stones, a video slot machine by Relax Gaming. Sometimes it feels like it’s been designed by Jony Ive – if you have an iPhone, you’ll know what I mean.

King Stones has five reels, three rows and 25 win lines. Its reels are filled with the simplest symbols you can think of – a circle, a triangle, a square, a pentagon and a hexagon. Besides, it has four different stone symbols (slightly protruding from the flat interface) and one that has all the colors of the others mixed on its surface, acting as a wild symbol.

During each spin a King Stone (which occupies two or three reels) slides onto the play area from above, landing to cover a variable number of reels. Or sometimes it doesn’t – there are cases when the King Stone simply slides across the screen to disappear at the bottom end. If it lands, though, and symbols with matching colors land on the rest of the reels, it is evaluated just as the rest of the “high paying” symbols.

King Stones is a very simple, serene slot machine. No fuss, no mess, no annoying animations or anything else to distract you – just a relaxing soundtrack, simple shapes and colors, and the joy of playing the game. It comes with features like autoplay and spin stop, but no gamble – and no free spins at all. It seems that this game serves one purpose, and one purpose alone: to let you relax after a long day at work. And it does a great job at that!

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